15 quirky money saving/thrifty things I do to save a buck

 Just some quirky things I do to save a little bit here and there, maybe it will all add up in the end and I’ll be a millionaire, hasn’t happened yet but I’ll keep trying. I just get a thrill saving money where I can, some people don’t have time to do some of these quirky things or they just don’t want to deal with the hassle or extra work, that’s ok but if you are struggling day to day you want to save any place you can. I’ve written another post Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, it also has great money-saving ideas, life hacks, and strategies for building an emergency fund which is so important for survival in these economic times.

15 Quirky things I do to save a buck

Refill smaller containers instead of buying new ones every time, we go through soy sauce like it’s nothing so I buy the big jug at Costco and continue to refill the small bottle. This jug refills the bottle 4 times, if I take the price I would have paid for 4 10oz bottles and subtract the amount I pay for the 1.2L jug, I end up saving $6.97.

If you use coffee creamer there is always a bunch left at the bottom that won’t pour out so I pour hot coffee in the empty container and shake it to get every last bit of the creamer out.

You can freeze ripe bananas if you have some that are going bad. Bananas left in their skins will freeze for 6-7 months or you can peel and freeze them whole in a Ziploc bag, just take them out when you have time to make banana bread or throw them in a food processor and you have instant “banana ice cream”.
Bummer, your favorite lipgloss ran out or you know there is more foundation left in the tube but it won’t squeeze out. Cut open the tube and there is usually several more applications left, you can do this with sunscreen or toothpaste, to be honest, I don’t cut my toothpaste tubes open, I don’t want to deal with the mess but I know there is usually a ton of toothpaste left in the tube so if you want to, more power to ya!
This is a good one, my neighbor showed me this one and I thought it was genius, she’s not quite as crazy as me, but close. If you’ve got a little bit of mustard left in a jar, pour ingredients right into the container like vinegar and olive oil or whatever you use, shake really well, and voila’ you’ve got salad dressing.
Don’t throw away honey if it has crystallized, revive it by putting the container into a bowl of warm water or put it in the microwave to heat for a few seconds, be very careful if you use the microwave, the honey can get scalding hot! Read about it…How to Decrystallize Honey.
Save your butter or margarine wrappers in a Ziploc bag in the freezer, there is usually a lot left on the wrapper so use them to grease muffin tins or cake pans. You usually grab a blog glob of butter on your fingers but most of it gets wasted and you have butter in your fingernails all day even though you wash 100 times, if you use the wrappers your hands stay fairly clean and you just toss the wrapper when you’re done, no waste!
This has to be one of my favorites! Do you get the money mailer envelope in the mail full of coupons for local businesses? Whatever coupons I don’t use I save and use the paper to print more coupons like the ones from Coupons.com. Each sheet is the perfect size to print 1 coupon, the stores don’t care as long as it is clearly printed and will scan.
One of my biggest pet peeves is throwing away produce that has gone bad so I’ve put together this guide 25 ways to make your fruit and veggies last longer, believe it or not, a lot of the solutions are really simple and don’t take up any extra time which is really important for most people including myself.
25 Tips to make your fruit & veggies last longer
There are settings on your printer that you can change to use less ink which means you save money. Changing your printer font and other ink saving tips
Changing your printer font and other ink saving tips
I use the ibotta shopping app to save money when I’m grocery shopping, you buy items that they have on the list, some of them are items that I already buy so when I get home I scan my receipt and they give me a certain amount back. Amounts vary from $ .10 to $5.00 or more, it just depends on what the item is and what rebate they are offering. As of 12/20, I have earned $855.18, this is an actual screenshot from my phone. You can either receive it in a check or you can get gift cards and they have a huge selection of gift cards. There’s no gimmick you just sign up and get money back, ibotta shopping app.
Ibotta earnings
I make my own foam soap, did you know that you can get 80 refills from this 80oz jug just by making foam soap. It’s really easy, find out in this article Refill this foam soap dispenser 80 times from this 80oz jug.
Quirky things I do to save money

In the summertime I use vinegar as weed killer, pour vinegar into a sprayer and spray weeds anywhere, between patio bricks works really well to kill the moss. I works best on a hot sunny day, just wait a day or two and they start to wilt and turn brown. You don’t want to be close to any of those really toxic chemical weed killers.

I cut my new sponges in half, they still have 4 corners to get into the small spaces and that’s what you use them for. A package from Costco will last me months and months.

I make my own Homemade Natural Air Freshener out of orange or lemon peels and different spices, no chemicals and just dump it into the compost bin when you are done. Read my article Homemade Natural Air Freshener.

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