Iron both sides of your clothes at the same time. Just add aluminum foil!

I wouldn’t call this idea a money saver but it definitely fits into the category of life hack. This sounds like a weird thing to do but it actually makes sense. If your ironing board is like mine you have a cover that you can take off and wash when you need to and under that is some batting or some kind of thick layer that you leave on.

You want to pull up a section of your ironing board cover only and place a sheet of tin foil on top of the batting, put the reflective side up, work your way around on your ironing board and put the cover back on.

Iron both sides of your clothes at the same time. Just add aluminum foil.

Once you have put everything back together it should be your ironing board cover, tin foil, and then the layer of batting on the bottom.

Iron both sides of your clothes at the same time. Just add Aluminum Foil.


When you add a layer of tin foil under the ironing board cover it reflects heat upward to the underside of whatever you are ironing. The ironing process goes faster because you are essentially ironing both sides of your garment at the same time. I just want to reiterate that there should always be a layer between your iron and the foil, never iron directly on the foil.

Another Foil Life Hack

At both ends of your aluminum foil box and your plastic wrap box, there are little tabs that you can poke your fingers into. Push those tabs in and that prevents your foil roll from coming out of the box when you are trying to pull a sheet out, same with the plastic wrap, the plastic wrap roll always used to come out when I was trying to pull out a piece of the plastic wrap.

Are you mind blown? Go check your foil right now, I promise it’s there. My picture only shows the aluminum foil box but the same tabs are on your plastic wrap box too.

Aluminum Foil box tabs life hack

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