You might get more auto insurance discounts due to the pandemic

Yes, this is true, you might get more auto insurance discounts due to the pandemic. I can tell you what my experience was with my auto insurance company, it might not be the same for yours but it’s worth calling and asking about.

I am at home because of the Pandemic, I’ve been home since April 2020. My job won’t start until the kids in our area go back to school. So we have not been able to go anywhere, our state has had strict stay-at-home orders in place for a long time. We were only able to go to the grocery store and a few other essential places. For a while our streets and roads were empty. Things are slowly getting back to normal but a lot of people still aren’t driving to work. Some are working from home, others aren’t working at all.

You might get more auto discounts due to the pandemic

Businesses are starting open with limited capacity like restaurants and gyms. But there still isn’t really any place to go. A lot of our entertainment is still closed so you just stay home. It’s been difficult being so isolated and not being able to be with friends and family without masks and 6ft distance.

Call and find out, you might get more auto discounts due to the pandemic

Another thing I haven’t been doing is driving, there are times when my car has sat in the garage for 2 weeks or more without leaving. It definitely has saved on gas. I remembered that my insurance company had some kind of discount for low mileage. And with as little driving as I have been doing I would for sure qualify. I called and there is a discount if you drive less than X amount of miles per year.

You give them your odometer reading and then they will check back in 6 months or so to see if you are still on track to be below that mileage for the year. We also have another vehicle that usually just sits unless we need it to haul things. I gave them the odometer reading for that vehicle too.

You might get more auto discounts due to the pandemic

Less than a week later I got 2 checks in the mail, one for $33 and the other was $21. It was for the remainder of the 6-month policy for the low mileage discount on both cars. When the policy renews it will include that discount so my insurance bill will be less. Score!!! I will take any auto insurance discount that I can get.

If you are home still or barely driving then you should call your insurance company and ask about a low mileage discount and any other discounts that might apply right now. It doesn’t hurt to ask, the worse they can say is no.

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