20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love

I love projects that have been upcycled or repurposed from something old. It doesn’t even have to be old, something that might have been thrown away or not used at all. I’ve put together a list of 20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love. 18 out of 20 we’ve done ourselves. They might be a little unusual but that’s what makes it so fun. Some have links you can click on to read the tutorial.

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20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love!

20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love:

Dried weeds turned decor. I picked these weeds out on a walk.

Home decor out of stale items in the pantry. This was a vase I had already and I found lentils, beans and couscous to make this cute decorations.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love

Wine bottle gift bag from a pair of jeans. I cut off the bottom of a pant leg from a pair of jeans. Sewed on a pocket and then closed up the raw edge.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose projects you will love

Magazine Holder Redo. I used dollar store card sets to decorate a plain cardboard magazine holder from Ikea. This one was Toy Story themed.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will Love

Kids Chair Repurposed from a bucket. A neighbor made this, I thought it was absolutely genius.

A couple of thrift store finds and you’ve got this Gorgeous Pedestal Serving Dish. A plate, candle holder, paint and glue.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose projects you will love

File Cabinet Makeover. I didn’t buy a single thing, I used what I had to redo the outside of the filing cabinet. I use it for fabric storage.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects you will love

Thrift Store Mirror Makeover. I found this mirror at the thrift store for $4.99 and paint for $.50. My daughter helped me decorate it with flower stickers for her room.

Cold Air Stopper made from a Pantleg. My Sister made this one, she cut off a leg from a pair of old jeans. Filled it with bags of beans to make it heavy and cotton to fill out the form. I use it every winter to keep the cold air from coming in.

20 Upcycle & Repurpose projects you will love

Repurposed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles into Spice Jars. I absolutely love these, such a cute look, what a great repurposing idea!

Around the holidays I put string lights in different things around the house to make Christmas lamps.

I print coupons on scratch paper that comes in the mail. We get an envelope of advertisements and I print coupons on the back, it’s the perfect size to print 1 coupon.

Keep your used produce bags from the grocery store. If I’m baking or cooking I have a bag available so I can grab the phone quickly without washing my hands.

If you want to let your kids help with cleaning, put old socks on their hands and let them dust. They can dust regular surfaces or blinds. This is a good way to include them, they feel like they are helping.

Did you know you can wash your windows with newspapers. Spray your cleaning solution and then wipe with wadded up newspapers. I’m telling you this really works. None of the ink is left on the glass but you do end up with some ink on your hands. Perfect if you are trying to stop using paper towels.

Save your butter wrappers to grease pans. There is always butter left on the wrapper, throw it into a bag or container in the refrigerator and then grab one when you need it.

Make your own air pillows or air pouches to wrap fragile items to pack or ship. Use plastic bags that can be sealed, blow air in through a straw, seal most of the bag. When it’s full pull the straw out quickly and seal the rest of the bag. It should be just a little opening where the straw was.

Valentine candy pouches made out of 2 cupcake liners sewn together. Lay 2 cupcake liners wrong sides together. Sew around the edge (yes you can sew paper) leave a small opening, fill with candy and then sew the opening shut.

Make kids toys out of things you have in your cupboard. They can play with them in the bath or outside. Kids love scooping and dumping water from containers. They love pretending and stirring things. Most of these things are recyclable so if they don’t want them anymore just put them in the recycling.

The new coffee maker I got used different filters. I had a stack of the old cone filters left so I made baking soda sachets out of them. Fill the coffee filter with baking soda, tie it closed at the top. You can put them in stinky shoes, closets, freezer, refrigerator. They absorb odors and keep things fresh.

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